Jain Samaj of Long Island Inc. is a Not for Profit organization registered under IRS section 501C. Jain Samaj of Long Island Inc. was formed in 2007 to accommodate the social and religious needs of approximate 200 Jain Families in and around Hicksville and ranging up to 30 miles.

Jain Samaj of Long Island Inc was formed by Shri Kanubhai Lakhani, Late Shri Bhailalbhai Shah, Shri Jayesh Shah, Smt Kalpana Vaidya and Smt Sweeta Khona. The Small and dedicated group of established volunteer committee that helped Jain Samaj of Long Island Inc. celebrate it’s first Paryushan in 2007 under guidance of Shri Pravinbhai Shah.

Following the success of the first year, events have been conducted successfully since 2007 under the Guidance of various Vidhikar/Vakta like Shri Dhirajlalbhai Pandit, Shri Jitubhai Shah, Shri Jayeshbhai Khona, Shri Hiteshbhai Shah, Shri Chandrakantbhai Mehta, Shri Amitbhai Shah, Shri Bhavikbhai Shah, Shri Shrenikbhai Gala etc. For the Last Decade, We have commemorated Jain occasions including Parvadhiraj Paryushan, Navsmaran, Pujans, Swadhyay, Shibir and ongoing Pathshala.

As the community grew, the need of a darshaniya Jinalaya was felt, so in 2012 under the Guidance of Shri Jayeshbhai Khona, we began the Jinalaya fund raising. This Jinalaya project came to fruition through the dedication and contribution of whole Samaj in 2016. A commercial property for $ 500,000 and renovation of $435,000 was completed with own funds.

As we transitioned into a Samaj with a formal Jinalaya, it was time for us to transition into an organization that looked out for the Samaj. We had adopted our first constitution and held our first official election and established an elected executive committee for year 2018-2019.

Anjanshalaka of our Mulnayak Bhagwan – Shri Shantinath Dada was performed under the Guidance of Acharya Nityanand Suri Maharaj on 21 January 2017 at Chennai, India.

Shri Manojbhai Haran has provided Guidance and immense support Religiously and fiscally.

Shilanyas Mahotsav took place in Aug 2018 where hundreds of Jain families along with 125 sadharmik from Videsh Sanchar Sangh, India took labh of the ceremony.

Jain Samaj of Long Island (JSLI) hosted Pratishtha ceremony begining Sept 5 th 2019 for five days. The mahotsav started with Snatra Puja, Kumbha Sthapana, Jwararopan, maneksthambha, and followed by numerous poojans. Shantinath Bhagwan pravesh and 18 Abhishek took place on Sept 7 th , and Pratishtha was performed on Sept 8 th. Entire sangh witnessed pratishtha ceremony joyfully and it was live broadcasted. Dvar udghatan , and sattarbhedi was held on Sept 9 th.

JSLI do anumodna of Pratishtha labharthis, Sanghpatis, the Eecutive Committee, and all other dedicated volunteers and participants whose tireless efforts made this pratishtha an unforgettable event.

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