Snatra Puja

What is Snatra Puja ?

This is a common Puja widely performed by most of the Deravasi Jain worshipers. Snatra Puja has been created by Pandit Shri Veer Vijayji Maharaj in a very poetic style.

The purpose of performing Snatra Puja is to perceive and praise the virtues and attributes of the supreme beings Jineshwar (24 Tirthankars), and thereby remembering to always conduct one’s own daily life with the same supreme virtues and attributes.

It illustrates the celebration of two of the auspicious (out of five) events (Kalyanaks) occurring in the last life of Tirthankar Bhagwan.

Two Kalyanaks narrated in this Puja are Chyavan (conception) and Janma (birth) of Tirthankar. After this life, the soul of Tirthankar reaches its climax and achieves liberation from life and death cycle (attains Moksha).

This Puja recital explains the effect of Bhagawan’s birth on the whole universe, narrates how glorious the occasion was and how much joys were shared by all the living souls including all heavenly souls.

Stages in Snatra Puja:

1) Remembering and respectfully worshipping the virtues, attributes and characteristics that allowed the 24 Tirthankars to attain salvation. Offering Kusumanjali

2) Celebration of the birth and re-enactment of the Tirthankar’s first bathing ceremony.

3) Astha Prakari Puja: Worship with eight symbolic entities.

4) Aarti and Mangal Divo.

5) Shanti-Kalash Ceremonial Process.

6) Bhav Puja: Chaityavandan.

Monthly Snatra Puja (Besto Mahino) at Jinalaya usually on Sunday from 10:00 am-12:00 noon

Sakal Sangh is requested to take Dharma Labh!

To perform this pooja, we need kesar, nada chhadee, kusumanjali, things needed to perform ashta-prakari pooja (panchamrut, water, kesar/sukhad, flowers, dhoop, deepak, rice, sweet, fruit), coins,
pearls and jewels, rice, dhoop, kalash of water, mirrors, chamars, fans, rakhis, deepaks, bells, and a kalash in the shape of a bull.

Items to be brought by Labharti Families

QuantityItem Description
1Brown Coconut (Sreefad)
4-5 piecesMithai (to be used as nai ved)
1 pint (2 cups)Milk
3 handfulRice
1 bunchRose Flower
2-3Fruits (Small sized)
$5 coinsCoins in different denominations

You should do the following things to prepare for this puja:

1. Bathe or shower prior to performing Puja
2. Wear cloths in which you have never eaten food or used restroom.
3. Cover your mouth with a handkerchief/mukhosh (use a fresh washed one).

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